Stop   Smart   Meters

EMC Charges

Here are some Georgia EMC's charges for opting out of a "smart" meter.  They may have changed since last contact, so please feel free to call yours and ask what their current policy is, specifically.  And, remember, there is no law that says you have to have a "smart" meter!

Jackson EMC - $25 per month (the rest are per month as well)

North Georgia EMC - $40

Sawnee EMC - $15

Colquitt EMC - $20

There is at least one EMC (e. g., Cobb) that says you can have a "non-transmitting" smart meter, but these are dangerous as well, due to the dirty electricity they cause in your home's wiring - please check out this link for more info:  "New Critical Problem with Smart Meters:  The Switching Mode Power Supply."  Also see this article from Prevention magazine, "Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick?"

There is also something called a "PLC" or wired meter that can cause privacy, security, and health issues.  There is a heading on the following link covering PLC ("power-line communication") meters about a third of the way down the page - the whole page also has a wealth of smart meter information:  EIWellspring Smart Meter Information.