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"Smart" Meter Health Issues

Friends, this page is for sharing health complaints about "smart" meters. If you know anyone who is suffering, or if you, personally, would like to document what is happening to you since you got your "smart" meter, and would like to share it anonymously, this is the place to do so.  Just go to the "Contact" page and send me an email, along with your consent to share the information online.  Thank you!

Under the information box, below, about the various ailments/symptoms you can get from "smart" meters, are personal experiences that Georgia citizens have shared.  Many thanks to these people for bringing their stories here.  We hope that their health issues - and "smart" meters - are gone soon!
There are a number of health issues that can arise when you have a "smart" meter.  Please visit this link to check them out, as they are quite numerous:
"Smart" meters have been shown to interfere with pacemakers.  Here is a video showing a man who had severe problems with his pacemaker and his health after being near a digital "smart" meter:

Doctors with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have stated publicly that those with pacemakers (and those with many other maladies) should not be near "smart" meters.  Here is a link to that statement:

If you have a disability, you can file a Title III complaint about the “smart” meter.  Just provide your background and disability.  State that the company that you’re complaining about has an office where you pay bills.  Explain how the “smart” meter is affecting you.  Here is the email address and a link with a more complete explanation of the complaint process:  (office email:; (complaint process explanation: 

Here is an actual letter sent to the Naperville, IL city manager by the doctor of a pacemaker patient.  Feel free to show this form to your own doctor, which he or she may use to protect you from future or further harm from any installed "smart" meter:  

From:  Interim Chief,Section of Cardiology

Director, Heart Rhythm Center

Chicago, IL  60637


Dear ____________:      


It has come to my knowledge that one of my patients is being forced to receive the 'smart' meters being installed in your area.  Because of the sensitive condition of her heart and potential for interference of the new devices, it is my expert medical opinion that her household not receive the 'smart' meter. 


The potential complications or interferences are not acceptable with her device. There is potential that this meter may interfere with the function of her cardiac device; this could cause a number of issues including but not limited to inappropriate shocks, cardiac device reprogramming and/or asynchronous pacing.      


Until more reliable data can be collected on the health and safety of these 'smart' meters, it is not recommended that she has one of these installed in her home.      


Please let me know if you have any questions.  You may contact my office at XXXXXXXXXX.       Thank you.

If you are having health problems with a "smart" meter, be sure and visit our "Avoid a 'Smart' Meter" page.  There are ideas there on what you can do to ameliorate the situation.  If you would like us to share your story anonymously here, please write us at info@stopsmartmetersGeorgia.Org.  We are gathering these stories to use in our fight to allow Georgians to opt out of having these dangerous devices at no charge, and to work toward a safe alternative.


Dear Interested Person/s,


I am reaching out with this letter to help create awareness of the people that are and will be suffering from the proliferation of wireless technology.


My story starts years ago when, beginning my career as a new teacher in public school, I began having insomnia and headaches. My school had a wireless system, and we all had school laptops to use. At home, I began using wireless technology.


As the years progressed, about 5-6 years, my symptoms increased with severity. I began having heart pounding at night, anxiety for no apparent reason, out of character emotional outbursts, terrible headaches, depression, and loss of digestive ability. I spent much time and money investigating my health issues, trying to alleviate my symptoms and searching for a cause.


In July 2012, through a fluke, our wireless internet was unplugged and I felt a noticeable calming effect on my physiology. I decided to keep our wifi unplugged to observe the effects: I was

noticeably more relaxed and began to sleep better, anxiety disappeared, generally felt better.


School started back up in August and I returned to work feeling healthier and ready for a great year of teaching. The school was a typical cement block structure and the wifi didn’t pick up

well in my classroom, and I was feeling great and doing well. In September a new “high density wifi” system was installed throughout my school. A wifi router was installed in my classroom right overhead.


The very first day the new wifi system was activated, I felt drained of energy, shaky, and headachy. At home, even though I had no wifi, my heart raced through the night and insomnia returned. By the third day my symptoms were extreme: extreme chest pains, extreme heart pounding during the night, extreme anxiety, vibrating inside my body, excruciating headache, confused thinking, extreme fatigue and a terrible overwhelming desire to commit suicide. The suicidal thoughts were shocking to me, because: 1. I’d never had such thoughts previously in my life, and 2. I have a loving home and a good life, so there was no reason to have such thoughts other than the extreme stress my body was suffering.


So within less than a week of the new wifi, I was forced to walk away from my job. Then began the nightmare. I had to prove to my job that I was sick; otherwise I would be considered AWOL . My doctor of 15 years said she believed me but could not help me because the AMA refuses to recognize this condition. How can one prove an illness that no one will recognize? I called the CDC, Emory University, UGA, anywhere I could think of, looking for anyone that could help me get an acknowledgement of my suffering. There was no one here in my state that I could find.


Through the internet, I found the Environmental Health Center, Dallas, TX. In Dallas I was diagnosed with EHS (electro-hypersensitivity) October of 2012. Though my symptoms were recognized by EHC-D, there is no known cure other than to eliminate exposure to wireless. My school’s Human Resources treated me poorly, refusing to meet with me to discuss any possible options for me to continue teaching in a non-wifi environment. My school also refused to acknowledge my diagnosis from the Dallas Health Center, as EHC-Dallas is an alternative health center. My teaching contract was terminated and I was jobless.


During those few days, 4 in all, of exposure to the high density wifi, I developed a high degree of sensitivity to all electronics, as well as all wireless. It took me several months of no exposure to calm down my system to where now I can tolerate a wired desk top computer. Otherwise, my life has drastically changed. How? I no longer can go into buildings with wifi, which includes hospitals, doctors’ offices, dental offices, court houses, (I was called for jury duty and it’s illegal to ignore a summons- what can a person with EHS do?) grocery stores, airports, planes, parks with cell towers, restaurants, etc, and now anywhere with SmartMeters. I can no longer be around other peoples’ cell phones. Even neighbors’ wifi’s reach my yard where I cannot go without getting symptoms. I now sleep and spend most of my time in my basement.


There are low readings of radiation in my home that I tolerate, but I am never feeling really healthy. I just manage. And, my life is very small now; many friends have fallen away because they don’t want to believe I have this problem.


Now, two years later, I see people with the same symptoms as myself, but they always find a reason for their symptoms other than their wireless lifestyle. Their symptoms don’t get better and I fear for their future.


What would I like to see? Recognition for this condition and safe public places for us to go, places to live with a guarantee of no future cell towers, and non-wireless jobs for us so that we can continue to be engaged with and be part of society.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I wish ALL well and “wired”.




In Gandhi’s words quoted here:


“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.  Truth stands, even if there be no public support.  It be self-sustained."

My wife and I are experiencing alot of the symptoms from smart meters.  We moved into an apartment with 11 smart meters inches away from our heads each night. We were being cooked for the months with no idea what was happening and now we are desperately trying to move.


I went to the ER today for chest pains and I have a doctor appointment on Wednesday. So far I have a "clean bill of health" even though my chest still hurts and it is hard to breathe. 

My main question is how can I medically prove what my wife and I feel each day? I need a physician's note to get out of this place [he did eventually get a doctor's note] or else I'm forced to be here for another 10 months. I cannot let this happen. I want to get involved in any way I can in getting people aware and away from these dangers. What can I do in the meantime?

"[I] am 62, work  from home and have been getting worse and worse (insomnia, heart palpitations, more than normal ringing in the ears, is much more prevalent). If you can help please let me know. "

"Over the past two to three years, my wife has developed several neurological issues for which she has been seeing a neurologist in GA. The major disease she is being treated for is Parkinson's Disease which the medical community has been unable to classify a known cause for the disease. She has also had some other issues requiring additional medications.


"Coincidentally, our home was fitted with a new radio frequency metering system to meter home power consumption in November, 2008. The headboard for her bed is located on the same outside wall of her bedroom as where the EMC meter is located, a distance measured in inches, not feet. I was not aware of any problems associated with radio frequency metering until I read news reports this morning about Senate Bill 459.
"It is well known that exposure to RF energy over time has a cumulative affect on the human body. I will give you an example that has been known since the 1960s.

"I was a microwave radio technician in the United States Air Force from August, 1961 to July, 1965. Upon leaving the Air Force, I went to work at the Kennedy Space Center working for RCA doing the same job as in the U.S. Air Force. We were constantly warned that exposure to RF energy (microwave radio and RADAR radiation) could cause cell damage to our bodies. One of the immediate problems that might develop was a disease usually found in senior citizens and not young people; cataracts of the eye."

"Georgia Power will "RF Investigation" at my location concerning a PSC complaint filed in May 2012 regarding problem with the Sensus Smart Meters installed on this property. Georgia Power has been notified about radio produced infrasonic problems at this location for the better part of 2 years now. In four visits from Georgia Power employees, including one visit by two engineers, their meters were never checked nor RF detection equipment used, despite being told that the problem caused pressure on the eardrums, feelings of heat upon the eyes and the perceived sound of a diesel engine running at a distance, all recognized and known effects of radio frequencies [emphasis mine].


"The Georgia Power investigation will (undoubtedly) show that their equipment functions properly. The RF problems are noticeable mainly from 9pm till 9am, though have been observed at all hours of the day and night. After receiving the PSC complaint, the problem exists, yet has been attenuated somewhat, meaning adjustments have been made to equipment.


"The base of the problem has been tentatively identified as the work of the installed "smart meters"; after recording and review of the RF "investigation" done by Southern Company employees are complete on Thursday, test equipment measurements and recordings will take place in the days, weeks, and months that follow using personnel and equipment not owned nor operated by The Southern Company to show the presence and source of this serious problem, which The Southern Company has ignored, and denied, before even testing for it. Should it be proven that these serious problems were a result of negligent or determined efforts by the manufacturer, operator and end users of these installed devices, legal action will be forthcoming."


Slightly restated (by the complainant):

"GA Power has been out here 4 diff times since late 2010, sent 2 engineers one time, never once checked those meters or mentioned them.  After two years, and when I discovered those meters were what they are (I didn't even start researching those things till I finally zeroed in on them recently, I didn't know when the techs came out those things could be the problem) I finally got fed up and filed a PSC complaint.  Within 24 hours GA Power contacted me and was setting up an RF team.  After the complaint the problem lessened (meaning they do have means to control the power levels of these things), though for some strange reason it still does it during late night/early morning (sleep time), so without a doubt there is some sinister reason for that to continue.  Evil is what is going on.  I've already been "warned" that I've pissed people off. I say let me blast infrasonic radio signals at your head (one meter is about 5 feet from the head of my bed) for years and see how pissed THEY get; esp. when it seems like if you're reporting rf problems they'd at least check their equipment that uses rf to communicate...something is definitely trying to be hidden."