Stop   Smart   Meters
Contact List for Senators in Georgia Assembly

Senate Bill 459, for an opt out option for "smart" meters, with a possible fee (one time and monthly) has passed through the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee.  It is now in the Rules Committee (not a poli-sci major, so feel free to correct me at any time).

Once SB 459 comes out of the Rules Committee, all the senators in the Georgia Assembly will vote on it the next session day.  So, since it may come out of the Rules Committee today, we need to work fast to call all the senators and:
1.  Demand that the opt out be free.  We shouldn't have to pay to avoid possible sickness and death!

2.  Demand that the law (Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005) be followed:  You should only get a "smart" meter if you ask for one!  Opt out should actually be opt in only.

3.  Demand that all "smart" meters be removed from every house and business in Georgia, and replaced with safe, analog meters.  No form of a "smart" meter is acceptable because, even with the radiation-spewing transmitter turned off, they're still a health hazard in more ways than one.  They are extremely dangerous, and never should have been put up in the first place (see the "'Smart' Meter Survival Kit" page and to find out why.

Below is the senator contact list.  Please call and/or write as many as you can today, tomorrow, and every day until the next vote, which may be Monday or Wednesday (if SB 459 passes out of the Rules Committee today, it will be voted on on Monday.  If it comes out of the Rules Committee on Monday, the senators will vote on it Wednesday.  If it passes that point, we start again with the Georgia representatives - yippee!).

Please alert your family, friends, and neighbors to the grave danger that "smart" meters pose.  Have them call their senators, too, to get them on the right - safe - track.  Georgians deserve healthy electricity, and we will have it.  Just say "FREE OPT OUT - BETTER YET, FOLLOW FEDERAL LAW AND MAKE IT OPT IN ONLY!"

Interesting side note:  Senator Rick Jeffares was the only one in the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee that voted against Senate Bill 459.  It would be helpful to find out why, so we know where Senator Jeffares stands on the issue.  Does he not want Georgians to be able to opt out of having a risky "smart" meter?  Did he not like the fee portion of the bill?  I've emailed the senator, but have not heard back yet.  Please feel free to contact him yourself, and please let us know what he said!

Last, but not least:  We need to find a senator that will make a floor amendment to take the "fee" portion of SB 459 off the bill.  I hope one of you intrepid adventurers out there will ask your senator to make that floor amendment.  I just called mine, and left a message to that effect.  I hope one or more of us can get a commitment from our legislators to act in our best interest and introduce (?) a floor amendment to remove the fee from the opt out option.

Your Call Can Save Lives (maybe yours or your family's)!  Please Call and/or Email As Many Senators (below) As You Can, to Tell Them You Want An OPT OUT OPTION from these dangerous meters!  Here is the general link, in case it takes me a while to post them all.  There are a total of 56 Georgia state senators:

Please call all that you can, but I'm also putting their home towns, so those from these towns can make a special effort to contact these particular men and women.  I'll make their names a link, so you can go directly to their page, if you want.  The emails are also a link, so you can conveniently send them an email.
John Albers,  404-463-8055,  Roswell,, Assistant:  Diana Hauser;  District 56
Don Balfour (Rules Committee chairman),  404-656-0095,  Snellville,, Assistant:  Beverly Crumbley; District 9
Charlie Bethel,  404-656-6436,  Dalton,, Assistant:  Diana Hauser; District 54

John Bullock (Rules Committee),   404-656-0040,   Ochlocknee,, Assistant:  Donna Yeomans; District 11
Gloria Butler (Rules Committee),   404-656-0075,  Stone Mountain,; Assistant: Lauren Randall; District 55
Buddy Carter,  404-656-5109,  Pooler,; Assistant:  Allison Beasley; District 1

Carter, Jason
,  404-463-1376,  Decatur,,  Asst.:  Jachque Ratliff; District 42

Chance, Ronnie
,  404-651-7738,  Tyrone,,  Asst.:  Rita Smith; District 16

Cowsert, Bill
 (Rules Committee),   404-463-1383,  Athens,,  Asst.:  Judy LaClair; District 46

Crane, Mike
,   404-465-6446,  Newnan,,  Asst.:  Carlie Howard; District 28

Crosby, John
,  404.463.5258,  Tifton,,  Asst.:  Kathleen Cominski; District 13

Davenport, Gail
,  404-463-5260,  Jonesboro,,  Asst.:  Jackie Leathers; District 44

Davis, Hardie,  404-656-0340,  Augusta,,  Asst.:  Jachque Ratliff; District 22

Fort, Vincent, 404-656-5091,  Atlanta,,  Asst.:  Javier Brown; District 39

Ginn, Frank,  404-656-4700,  Danielsville,,  Asst.:  Inez Kovacevic; District 47

Golden, Tim,  404-656-7580,  Valdosta,,  Asst.:  Laurie Sparks; District 8

Goggans, Greg (Rules Committee),  404-463-5263,  Douglas,, Asst.:  Betty Conner; District 7

Gooch, Steve,  404-656-9221,  Dahlonga,,  Asst.:  Inez Kovacevic; District 51

Grant, Johnny (Rules Committee),  404-656-0082,  Milledgeville,,  Asst.:  Donna Yeomans; District 25

Hamrick, Bill (Vice Chairman, Rules Committee), 404-656-0036,  Carrollton,, Asst.:  Laurie Sparks; District 30

Harbison, Ed,  404-656-0074, Columbus,, Asst.:  Cyndi Willims; District 15

Heath, Bill,  404-656-3943,  Bremen,, Asst.:   Allison Beasley; District 31

Henson, Steve (Rules Committee),  404-656-0085,  Tucker,,  Asst.:  Robi Hilliard Herron; District 41

Hill, Jack (Rules Committee),   404-656-5038,  Reidsville,,  Asst.:  Angela Touhy; District 4

Hill, Judson,  404-656-0150,  Marietta,, Asst.:  Judy LaClair; District 32

Hooks, George (Rules Committee),  404-656-0065,  Americus,, Asst.:  Cyndi Williams; District 14

Jackson, Bill,  404-651-7738,  Appling,,  Asst.:  Rita Smith; District 24 

Jackson, Lester,  404-463-5261,  Savannah,, Asst.:  Karen Thompson; District 2 

 James, Donzella,  404-463-1379,  Atlanta,, Asst.:  Jacqueline Leathers; District 35

Jeffares, Rick,  404-656-0503,  Locust Grove,,  Asst.:  Phyllis Walker; District 17

Jones, Emanuel,  404-656-0502,  Decatur,, Asst.:  Marcia Wallace; District 10

Ligon, William,  404-656-0045,  Brunswick,, Asst.:  Marcie Draper; District 3 

Loudermilk, Barry,  404-656-0034,  Cassville,, Asst.:  Marcie Draper; District 52

McKoon, Joshua,  404-463-3931,  Columbus,, Asst.:  Donna Nealey; District 29

Millar, Fran,  404.463-2260,  Atlanta,,  Asst.:  Donna Nealey; District 40

Miller, Butch,  404-651-7738,  Gainesville,, Asst.:  Rita Smith; District 49

Mullis, Jeff (Secretary, Rules Committee),  404-656-0057, Chickamauga,, Asst.:  Debra Charnote; District 53 

Murphy, Jack,  404-656-7127,  Cumming,, Asst.:  Carlie Howard; District 27

Orrock, Nan,  404-463-8054,  Atlanta,,  Asst.:  Vicki Gibbs; District 36

Paris, Miriam,  404-656-5035,  Macon,, Asst.:  Tarika Jackson; District 26

Ramsey, Ronald, Sr.,  404-463-2598,  Decatur,, Asst.:  Stephanie Johnson; District 43

Rogers, Chip (Rules Committee), 404-463-1378,  Woodstock,, Asst.:  Adam Pipkin; District 21 

Seay, Valencia,  404-656-5095,  Riverdale,, Asst.:  Lauren Randall; District 34

Shafer, David (Rules Committee),  404-656-0048,  Duluth,,  Asst.:  Anna Boggs; District 48

Sims, Freddie,  404-463-5259,  Dawson,, Asst.:  Tarika Jackson; District 34

Staton, Cecil,  404-656-5039,  Macon,, Asst.:  Betty Comer; District 18

Stone, Jesse,  404-463-1314,  Waynesboro,, Asst.:  Phyllis Walker; District 23

Stoner, Doug,  404-463-2518, Smyrna,, Asst.:  Denese Sampson; District 6

Tate, Horacena,  404-463-8053, Atlanta,, Asst.:  Karen Thompson; District 38

Thompson, Curt,  404-463-1318, Tucker,, Asst.:  Javier Brown; District 5

Thompson, Steve,  404-656-0083, Marietta,, Asst.:  Marcia Wallace; District 33

Tippens, Lindsey, 404-657-0406, Marietta,, Asst.:  Kathleen Cominski; District 37

Tolleson, Ross (Rules Committee),  404-656-0081,  Perry,,  Asst.:  Vicki Gibbs; District 20 

Unterman, Renee (Rules Committee),  404-463-1368, Buford,, Asst.:  Debra Charnote; District 45

Wilkinson, John,  404-463-5257, Toccoa,, Asst.:  Stephanie Johnson; District 50

Williams, Tommie (Rules Committee), 404-656-0089,  Lyons,, Asst.:  Nathan Humphrey; District


Here are the Georgia state senators' email addresses all in one place.  Well, two places.  One is a Word document, above.  And you can also just copy the addresses below and stick them in the "To" area of your email.  You might want to put your address in there, too, as a test.  One will come back to you, and assure you that the rest have been delivered.

Here they are:,,,,,,,,,