Stop   Smart   Meters

How You and "'Smart' Meter Survival Kits Can

Help Save Your City and State!

The tide is turning, and it is becoming our fight now. The electric companies foolhardy enough to use "smart" meters are on the defensive. Why? Because we have all the facts on our side. Why these dangerous devices were ever unleashed on the public is a mystery. Anyone with half a brain would have known – as Richard Tell warned – that smart meters are not safe, and, as stated in the title, should be banned.

Like Josh Hart and other brave women and men, we have to step up and make sure our family, friends, and neighbors are safe and sound, especially since we now know the power company, which I trusted for many, many years, will sell us down the river for a few pieces of gold.


"'Smart' Meter Survival Kits" are gallon ziplock bags, filled with about a dozen pieces of paper (with info on both sides) that have documentation of why smart meters are a menace. The ziplock bag, of course, is for the refusal sign (also included) that should be taped underneath your safe, analog meter. Here is what else is in the kit, for those who’d like to use the idea:


1. ” Naperville Smart Meter Alert!” I use this because it contains just about all the talking points about the dangers of smart meters in one little three-page condensed form. Side note: As some of you may know, Naperville was a test location for smart meters. But there is a very vocal portion of the populace that is working hard to get a referendum to stop their installation.

I put the first and second page on the same sheet, and staple the third page to it.

Naperville "Smart" Meter Info Sheet


2. A bar graph showing how much more (almost 40 times) radiofrequency radiation the smart meter emits than any other device in your home. I found the graph in Dr. Daniel Hirsch’s scientific rebuttal to the CCST report. The graph I use is Figure 4, and I duplicate it in black-and-white, to save money.

Commentary on CCST Report on "Smart" Meters


3. “WiFi May Damage Sperm Quality: Study.” Interestingly, the title of this article, since I first accessed it, now has a question mark inserted after the work “study,” whereas it didn’t before. Weird. I reprinted it and made it all on one page, which I do as often as possible, to save money.

Wifi and Sperm Quality article


4. World Health Organization announcement/information that radiofrequency radiation is a Class 2B carcinogen.


5. I combined two pages of a Prevention article for this page. Page 3 of the article “Is Dirty Electricity Making You Sick” talks about, well, how dirty electricity is making people sick, giving them cancer at rates much, much greater than average. The second half of the page is a table with the risks of the radiofrequency radiation emitted by smart meters, which they say includes an increased risk of brain cancer, dementia, and heart disease. They don’t mention smart meters specifically, but just that type of radiation.

Prevention Magazine article on dirty electricity


6. Page 372 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This is the law that says, and I’m going to yell here, because it gets me worked up – I’m not yelling at you: YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE A SMART METER (“TIME-BASED METER”) UNLESS YOU ASK FOR ONE. This is the law. Repeat it to the power company over and over. Tell them they’re breaking the law. Contact lawyers and see what they think. Get them to back you – they have families and houses they want to protect, too.


7. Maine Landmark Case – Cite this case, too, when you’re informing the power company that they have no right to give you a radiation-spewing meter on the side of your house. It is “unjust and unreasonable” to not give you an opt out option. I’d go even farther than that, and they did: In Maine, you now have to opt IN to get a smart meter. That’s following the law (see number 6)!

Maine Landmark case


8. Page 3 of a letter from the EPA that states “Federal health and safety agencies have not yet developed policies concerning possible risk from long-term, nonthermal exposures.” The argument that the FCC’s guidelines cover the smart meters is the electric companies’ go-to position, and it’s just an out-and-out lie. This shows that, in black and white.

EPA letter on non-thermal effects not being addressed by FCC


9. Administrative Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa’s 11 questions for PG & E. Having this worked out well at my last presentation to a city (I’m doing that for every city in my county). It was a lame duck session, but they talked about doing a resolution next meeting to present these questions to our local power company. Of course, I’ve already presented them to the power company, but a large city has more clout than I do. (: Again, they are formatted to get the questions on one page.


10. A smart meter refusal sign, which says: “We Refuse the “smart meter,” Due to Health and Privacy Issues. Do Not Replace the Meter.” At the bottom, in small letters, it says “Place sign in ziplock or other airtight material. Do not cover electric meter. Place sign where it is visible to anyone looking at the meter.”


11. Page of Contacts. I’ve included the numbers of our state’s Public Utilities Commissioners, our state’s attorney general, representatives, senators, and links for those wanting more information. There are a few notes, in case this is the only page someone sees. It tells those who might already have "smart" meters that they should demand this device’s removal, and a free opt out option, because they don’t have to have a "smart" meter, by law. I also put my name and my secondary email address. I also put a link to the page showing which jurisdictions have made smart meters illegal. This is especially to help the officials to know that there IS something they can do.

Contact local and county officials

12. I’ve just added a page that talks about Nevada ‘s recent actions, because they are starting to step up to the plate, and their meters are made by the same company that makes our state’s meters (Sensus).


I also take a recording on my little DVR of a smart meter pinging. This is the one I use. Notice the plant is dying around the stupid smart meter:

Stratford "Smart" Meter Killing Plant


I know this sounds like a lot, but it’s not, really. To me, it’s the bare minimum you need to thoroughly convince people what a disaster these machines are. Stick a dozen sheets of paper in a ziplock, and you’ll see what I mean – it’s nothing.   You can use these to hand out before talks at your local jurisdictions or around your state or area to cover the important points.  Just make sure you can do it in five minutes.  Most of these cities/jurisdictions are serious about keeping it short and to the point. (:



I’d like to thank, the EMF Safety Network, and all the other sources of "smart" meter information that make protecting our citizens possible. Without your hard work and dedication, it would be very difficult to fight the powers that be trying to screw us over royally, because that is what they’re doing. How they sleep at night, I do not know.


To end on a positive note, I’d like to encourage anyone considering a public appearance to fight against "smart" meters. You can do it! It gets easier, each one you do. And they don’t last too long, because, as I said, you’re only allowed a very short time to speak. Recruit your friends and neighbors, who may be more willing, once they hear of the dangers and outrageous fees. Together, we will win this battle, friends. The power companies, being so unbelievably and totally wrong, don’t stand a chance.